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  1. I don't think any of you are getting Jonas' point. The idea is to directly show the newbies stuff without the registration thingyes. After all, a person who has recently leared HTML and has no idea what a web host is might get stuck at the point where he has to show someone what he has done.The simplest way to do this would be if the admins allow the DoHTML BBCode in the forum. This allows for a direct imput of pure HTML. The problem is someone might use this to "hack" the forums. A good thing might be if it was able to send such executeable DoHTML BBCodes to a new window which allows only for strict XHTML 1.1 and nothing more .
  2. How come you added a <script> tag at the bottom of the page? I thought this tag is not allowed in strict mode.
  3. True, but here comes our fist issue: The Table menu&data pages consist of at least 2 cells per row(from what I have seen that is). One for the menu, and another for the data. Some have 2 cells and 2 rows... the top left for a logo, the top right for a horizontal menu, the bottom left fot a vertical menu and the bottom right for the content. have So what should one do to recreate two or more cells per row on a table with CSS? I mean... the content must be visible and yet the menu must stand from the side.The way I see it now is still a table with two cells and one row. The left cell holds the menu made with the above example of CSS. The right one holds the data.That's still not what I'm personally looking after thogh it is a temporary solution.
  4. I recently learned that there is a small problem with this when it comes to ForeFox and Opera browsers. To fix this issue you must do:body {text-align: center; margin: auto;} I think it's like this because text-align aligns the content inside an element but not the element itself. Besides... the thing that wasn't aligned is a table...Someone please correct me if I'm wrong and suggest a better solution if any.
  5. I have seen and tryed this. It's certanly the best way to make horizontal menus.But I would like to know how to make vertical ones too. Whatever I do, I can't get the menu on the left(nor right) AND have the main content in the center of the page. Tables are the only solution I had found, but that's certanly not the thing I want to do. CSS is the future. Tables are there only for tabular data.
  6. So in other words, I guess the XSL you need is: <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"><xsl:template match="/"><xsl:value-of select="data/field/value[@date]" /><xsl:value-of select="data/field/value[@audience]" /><xsl:value-of select="data/field/value[@message]" /></xsl:template></xsl:stylesheet>
  7. There are personal web server packs such as XAMPP for example, which install a lot of things to make your computer a server. One of it's features is MercuryMail- A free application that can turn your computer(s) into mail server(s). However, the program has a really awful inteface if you ask me. Anyway. That's the thing you need for the server.To make the site needed to browse the mail, allow registration of users, etc. (as mentioned above) you would need to know quite a few languages. At least one of them must be a server side scripting language, so it can manipulate the database which MercuryMail (or any other program for this sort of task) uses.If you can become a master with all modern languages, than maintaing the server will not be that cost effective(unless you introduce it to a large amount of users... then you would need to buy few powerful computers to store and use the data).
  8. boen_robot

    SVG Examples

    I think it's the second one... Any forum could be sleepy at times you know . As for the examples. I wasn't able to see them either. There is some kind of mistake in the ASP code that w3schools has made in order to ensure that you have the adobe plug-in. To avoid this problem simply rename "the-example-file's-name.asp" to "the-example-file's-name.svg". It's an annoying thing to do, but if you want to study SVG, that's the only way for now.
  9. px means PiXels as you mentioned. A pixel is a dot on a screen as you probably know.pt means PoinTs. But a point doesn't mean a dot on a screen. It's a specific quantity for a text measurement. 1pt means that the text is as large as one point(dot) on a paper. On a screen however this could be 2, 3 or more pixels, depending on the screen resolution.I tryed using pt on all of my font sizes and it didn't work. The text was with correct sizes on all browsers but still- the View>Text Size option is not overriden.By the way. Why do you want to override this option? It's always a good thing to allow visitors to change the text size. After all- some of them might have a poor sight .
  10. I think the hover Pseudo-class works only on Anchors(<a> tags) and it doesn't work with any other elements. I tried using it on a span and an anchor and it worked only with the anchor.
  11. boen_robot

    Drop down boxes

    What exactly is the code you used? You probably have some mistake or a missing thing somewhere but I don't think anyone(especially I) would be able to assist you without you providing that code.I have wanted to make such a menu myself, so any suggestions would come in handy .
  12. Can someone tell me why is the above page isolated and it's not visible in the CSS tutorial? What other "easter eggs" are there in this site?!?!
  13. Try looking for the admins of this forum and give them a PM message regarding this.By the way... I was thinking of making simmilar thing in bulgarian. However, unlike yourself, I cannot afford a *.bg domain. No.. it's not that much expensive, it's just the overall fact that it needs investment .
  14. boen_robot


    I don't know about you but I test my PHPs on a free web host that offers PHP. As most of you would guess, this host has many restrictions, so it's not good for a site, but it's good enough for tests. Here are some hosts that offer PHP support for free:http://1asphost.com/http://www.hotsql.comhttp://www.tripod.lycos.co.ukhttp://www.illusionfxnet.comhttp://www.maxhost.ru/http://t35.com/http://www.thefreeserver.com/http://www.oinko.net/freephp/http://www.free-hoster.comAnd the one I use :http://www.100webspace.comThe restrictions theese hosts have is a limited bandwidth, a banner that is displayed on your every page, the fact that you use a subdomain and few other stuff which isn't important...
  15. Well... Actually I checked the code that F-Man suggested and it turned out as a valid CSS. I now realize why does the validator requres such. It's because it presumes you define a new background color that would need a new color for the text inside in order to look good. Or at least that's what I think...Anyway. The code F-Man proveided is the one you need Dirx .
  16. I think you're wrong about the center not being working with tables. I recently used it and it worked. But you have to place the <table> tag as a selector, not a part of the the table itself. If you select a table cell, the center attribute will only align the data in the cell but not the cell itself(I think).I didn't quite catch, what you meant by "what options (Total) that are available in doing this.".Anyway... I'm a newbie with CSS, so whatever you meant, I'll most probably not know it .
  17. boen_robot

    CSS Backgrounds

    If you have had read the Web Building Tutorial you would have know there is a way. In fact, it's written in the link above that logz gave. Look at the "%". What do you think it means? YES! You've guessed it! It's a sign for a percentage value. The percentage however is relative to the screen resolution. So if you want to scale-to-fit different elements, you need to use theese relative values .
  18. That's odd. Why isn't this attribute mentioned in the tutorial? I think it should be, though it does only work in IE .
  19. Agree. There are not enough functions described.How about some way to upload files with PHP for example? I found such a tutorial though, so for me this would be useless now .Also, there are many cases in which I see the adress field act as a pointer for the PHP file. See the adress on this page for example. The "?showtopic=44" is somehow pointing the file to show the topic with an ID# of 44(in other words: this topic). I have no idea how this works and it's not mentioned in the tutorial either. Or if it is, I didn't found it.
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