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Photoshop Help Needed


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Hey Guys, Ok I hope that I can explain this adequately. I am very feeble minded when it comes to photoshop, so I need some help in making a new logo.jpg for my website. I am attaching the logo.jpg, and the psd file. If you notice the psd file is the whole page, while the logo.jpg is just part of the psd. Problem is, I do not know how to rewrite the psd, and then crop it to the size I need to replace the logo.jpg and make it work.... Any help you guys can offer would be great. I want "Christmas Eve" replaced with Merry Christmas", and the line in smaller type to read Williams Family Christmas Lights" This is what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks for any advice. Mike The PSD file was to large to attach....UGH.....


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It's hard to understand what you mean, if the PSD has been put together properly you just need to select the text tool in Photoshop, highlight the text you want to change and retype it, same as you would do in word.

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