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improvement in w3schools page that i thought would help better


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Hi in the following html page on w3schools i thought little bit of improvement could help everybody to understand in a better way. http://w3schools.com/tags/tag_input.asp in the above page when look into attributes section in the attribute "type" there are nearly 11 types. but i think most of them are from html5. most of the browsers are not yet supporting. so in front of these types if we can place a note(such as from which version they are included) this could help us understand better. You are doing this for other attributes by placing "new" which indicates that they are from html5. for example "date". this is supported in chrome but not in mozilla yet.

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Ya that is good. according to my suggestion in the first glance itself we will get an idea. Anyways if possible try to implement otherwise fine. I am not sure but can we contribute to the site development?

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