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One: Have you posted this in the right place? I don't think this forum solves algebra...

You'll need another equation to be able to solve that absolutely, but in integer terms

x = 13n + 9, y = -42n - 29, n ∈ ℤ
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Are you sure this is solvable, there's too little data for me to figure,

ax + by = gcd(a, b) where a = 210, b = 65

Creates a geometric line of 42x + 13y = 1.

You're going to need another equation to solve this one. There's a missing piece.

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You loop through values that can be divided into both without a remainder  storing both in individual arrays from lowest value (65), then loop through both arrays from highest till match is found then break loop, that will be gcd(5).

The remaining value can be retrieved by dividing

210 / 5 = 42

65 / 5 = 13


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