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  1. Clientside vbscript will only work for Internet Explorer browsers instal4l4e4d on windows operating systems.
  2. This might help. Go to IIS>Websites>MyWeb.1) right click on Myweb.2) properties. 3) I am not sure exactly what is says, But you have to create the MYweb as application.4) if already created, Remove and Recreate again. 5) Now browse to the page and see. http://localhost/MyWeb/test1.asp
  3. On the second page , 1) Connect to the database 2) Build the querystring.select * from table where track = Request.Querystring("track")3) Assign the values needed. This should work.
  4. Figure out which database are you pointing to in your database connections.Query the database for that particular user and see if the record really exists in that database.
  5. Does the server have the required object you are trying to create?You need that object on the server.There are many 3rd party components available for emails.
  6. Nope.Its from Macromedia Fireworks i guess. all functions starting with MM are from macromedia.
  7. ForeignKeyConstraint, Shipper_Order (for example) requires the child key values ????? to exist in the parent table. I think its a database issue . the junction table might have an id where it doesn't exist in the parent table.When you are trying to delete records in the database , delete them in the child table and then in the parent table. If we dont keep track of such things integrity might fail.
  8. I foresee a problem if we reset the values for textfields to "".Since the values are reset will they still be available in the next page ?
  9. Even that works... You dont have to write a href="<%=rs.fields("linkname")%>" >click here </a>
  10. Do you have Visual Studio.net editor ?Properties builder > columns > hyperlink columns
  11. kansasprog

    ASP and Javascript

    Can you be a little more elaborative
  12. one way is stored them as plain text in database and on your page u can always use <a href="<%=rs.fields("yourlinkname")%>"><%=rs.fields("yourlinkname")%></a>
  13. Go to datagrid properties builder and u can format ur columns over there. drawback to this is. U have to make sure the links are right in your sqlserver database. U can also set your target as _blank to open in a new page.I dont remember the exact options which you have .. but u have a hyperlink column over there. If you are still stuck . let me know i can help you with a sample.btw.. is this a datagrid control for webpage?
  14. <HTML><HEAD><FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE=2 COLOR="#13428E"><script type="text/vbscript">dim aa=Array("MONITORs", _"CPUs", _"KEYBOARDs", _"MOUSE", _"USB", _"HARDDRIVE", _"MP3Players", _"-")document.write("<table border=1>")document.write("<tr><td><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=BLUE>" & a(0) & "</FONT></td></tr>")document.write("<tr><td>" & a(1) & "</td></tr>")document.write("<tr><td>" & a(2) & "</td></tr>")document.write("<tr><td>" & a(3) & "</td><
  15. kansasprog

    ASP problem

    ok... You want to query a database and show all the results in a table in asp( I assume u mean active server pages).Do you know what language are you writing your asp pages?If you are writing in VbScript... , set your connectionset your recordset set your sqlstatement. ( if your sql statement has multiple lines use the above syntax)query the database. get the results of the query in a recordset. loop through the recordset to write to a page.
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