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  1. Hi,I am currently coding a rails application and am using Safari and Firefox as browsers of choice. But before deploying it I need to check if the CSS is working fine on IE or now. I don't want to use VM, and install Windows. Is there any other way I can emulate IE7/6 on my Mac?Thanks,Prateek
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    thanks justsomeguy
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    I know that one can post a something from a form by putting the method as "post". But In need to post something through PHP to another PHP file. How can I achieve this?Also is there something lke eval('codeString') in PHP???
  4. Sorry for such a delayed reply.is include like require() in ruby?
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    Hi,I am a complete n00b at PHP.Please tell me the difference between.define(NAME, 'prateek');and $name ='prateek'.Also I am not able to include('some.php?q=t');why is that?
  6. Hey,Does anyone know of a good dictionary website that has a strong API that will allow me to get "Synonyms" and "See also" sections?
  7. I need to add something to an open source library. Could you please explain the following - What exactly is SVN? Is there any good SVN client on Windows?What is a mailing list? How can I become part of it? How do I view old emails?What is a patch? How do I submit it?What is changelog?What use is of an IRC channel?
  8. JSON is like code that we can save and then use it again. Yeah! It does have security issues, but I am sure they will be sorted out in due time....
  9. I think that you need to get a web server that will support J2EE, I dont know much about JAVA so I havent really read your code..
  10. Hi boen_robot,I think that that now attention is shifting from XML to JSON. Its easier to use and stuff. What do you think about that?
  11. You can either read about the screenX and screenY properties of the window on the event of click on http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_properties.htmlOr if you are using prototype.js, then you can also use - Event.pointerX(event) -> NumberEvent.pointerY(event) -> Number Returns the absolute vertical and horizontal position for a mouse event.stop Source : http://www.prototypejs.org/api/event
  12. I went through a similar problem. See what I do is- <form onsubmit='checkForm(); return false;'><!--Whatever--></form> checkForm = function(){//do Validation//POST or GET through AJAX itself}
  13. Also I dont know if I can write Server Side stuff on C++ or C#. You can write on J2EE ..right?
  14. But I think that C++ and Java are Object Oriented.But the think about RoR, is not only about OO. That was in Ruby when it was made in 1994. What I really like about it is the separation of Model, Controller and View. This maybe very common, but I have never used something like this before. Also the syntax of JS when writing using prototype.js is quite similar to how we write Ruby.
  15. You can write a functoin on the on change of the text field and then remove it if you dont like it document.getElementById("myInputField").onchange = function(){if(document.getElementById("myInputField").value = "f") alert("Whoa");}
  16. It'll be better if there is some seperation between the links that are on the second line
  17. Just what I wanted man. Thanks a lot!
  18. Hey..thanks a lot for that link. And about getting the contents of the folder?
  19. If you would want to images, side by side and cente align you can try the following - <style type="text/css">div#image-container{ padding: 0; margin: 0;}div#image-container img{ padding:0; margin: 0; float: left;}div#image-container img.right{ padding:0; margin: 0; float: right;}</style><div id="image-container"> <img src="img1.gif" alt="1" /> <img src="img2.gif" alt="2" class="right" /></div> I think that this should help. See if any minor changes are required
  20. I think that after Rails has gotten so much of success on the Web, there must be a tutorial, if not a comprehensive one, then definitely a starters guide or something??
  21. Hello,Is there any function in PHP that allows me to get all the contents of the file. And along with the contents their details like the date of creation and last modification, the type of file etc.
  22. Hey Guys,All these days I have been studying and trying to learn Graphic Design. I have made a T-Shirt Design and have submitted it on Threadless. Could you please give you viewqs?? http://www.threadless.com/submission/129123/Scratch_Me
  23. 1.USe Better Icons2. Get Rid of the Ads3. USe the logo as a watermark4. Lighter colors
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