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  1. are you using position:absolute; in your css file. try take it away or add this code in the same content top: [value]px; just try it out with any number and see how much it moves and so one.if it moves around and causes problem in the other browsers and make sure it looks like -top: [value]px;Edited....or make html>div #navigation { top: [value]px;} dont take away the other #navigation cause it is needed. the one i made are only readed by IE acording to the site i found it.hope it helps
  2. that will work also RahXephon :(just never thought about that it. lolhehe and i missed the a:link a:visited :)mandy1111 go for RahXephon suggestions hhe
  3. you will find alot of templates on macromedias homepage for flash but they cost a few $$ but some are quite nice :)but they are mostly for the hole page.
  4. well i have not used ID at this point but i think this will work.in the <a href scr="../"></a> add a ID tag like <a href ID="newcolor1" scr="../"></a> for an exampelyou can name it what you want.and in the css file it could look like a:hover#newcolor1 { color: #FEFAED;}a:hover#newcolor2 { color: #EEEEEE;} hope this helped alittle :)enlight me ppl if i did it wrong. first time useing id seens mmmh 4 month
  5. well you can change many atributed in a short time if you have like 10 pages and the same code and classes/ID's then with just 1 alteration in the CSS file all 10 are altered instead of normal html where you have to edit all of them 1 at a time. that takes 10 times more time. just 1 of the advantages :)the second one is that instead of useing alot of tables to move the layout, menys and all that, all can be altered in the CSS so there will there again be lesser code.and designing are much easier to perform and it looks more profecional here you can see how css can work.http://www.w3schools.com/css/demo_default.htm
  6. it sounds strange. I got a fav icon workingcan you post the code for the page where you removed the fav icon.
  7. Mimika

    document Cold Fusion

    well good luck on the Masters degree and study hard for it
  8. Mimika

    IE 7 and CSS

    hhehehe. it reminds me when i failed at a mouse over funktion.
  9. Mimika


    I dont know how php works so there i cant help but css i can helpput this code before </head> <style type="text/css"><!--tr {background-color:red}--></style> and edit the table <table style="background-color:yellow;">(rest of table)</table> hope this helps :)and you should not higjack others topic's,just an advice *I did once, before i reread the rules*
  10. Mimika

    free music

    well i just copied the the text from my own work. it thouse not have to be start.cfm it can be .php .html or any others so dont mind .cfm same goes for the name. dont mind it. its just an exampel .cfm are ColdFusion
  11. If I understod the post correct he wants. to create a program with flash that can create an LAN feature and conect it to other computors by internet so you can see eash other like we are in a local router. but its not possible in flash what i know, you have to know C++ or C# but W3Schools thouse not work with this programs cause there are not ment for webbdesign or are webbstandarts.hope this post helps
  12. Mimika

    IE 7 and CSS

    the IE 7 beta 2 has been out a while now. it has some funktions that FF has and protection against phishing (or how its spelled) as they say, but dunno if it really works but it can also crash when you atleast suspect it but thats beta my thought are that most users will go too IE7 cause of the protection against phishing that are everydays worrys nowdays and that you can hav multi pages as in FF. But I am skeptical about its funktions and reliability when finished.btw Skemcin, Active X are dissabled when i read an articel in a computor magasine. for safty factors :)but if it was ment for the beta or when finished it didnt say.correct me if i am wrong
  13. well i have too disagree with you Eric.Jonas are helpfull in his duties as a moderator, and should not be stripped from it.and I agree on what aspnetguy said.
  14. Mimika


    well I dont think its possible with the current CSSI have not find a code in CSS that allows for target for the link's.and are not listed in the css tut's here on w3schools either so its not allowed yetBut if not my memorie are failing now. the new version of css allows it, but its not out yet.
  15. Mimika


    http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp :)edit.most of it are explained in the link.
  16. Mimika

    free music

    well this is how I use Iframe <iframe name="mymain" src="start.cfm" height="625" width="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">alternative text for thouse who dont have support for Iframe</iframe> and to target the iframe use <a href="[File]" target="mymain"> you can change the target and the name tag in the <a href> and <iframe>and i suggest that you have a fixed height and size in the linking pages so you just gets a vertical scrool by useing div tags sorry for late response have not been by the computor this weekend
  17. Mimika

    free music

    oki i can give you some tips. if you want the music to continon.none stop music-------1. make a frame set (I hardly not recomend this one but it works)2. Or use Iframes. just put the bgsound in the index.html page or what format it is and have use the Iframe as a target to open the the other pages and the sound will contunion (i recomend this)just for 1 page--------1. make a few pages and add the bg sound i each of them2. or like my faviorite use Iframes here aswell, just add the bgsound to the pages that are going to be opend in the iframe.and dont forget<bgsound src="Ilovemusic.midi" loop="-1">
  18. Mimika

    Web address

    I agree... to make a disscussion board you will need to know some server side scripting like you will find Herebut first you need to know more html and learn css before you make the bigstep to server side scripting. it will be easyer then to make the disscussion board
  19. I dont got that problem either. I have the same features as aspnetguy pointed out
  20. hehe well to be correct its like you said. but we all code diffrent
  21. hehe i dont use the <ul> tags cause they makes a big gap up and down :)just lazy to fix it heheeh but it works in IE and FF :(but with or without the ul tags thouse not do much but if you want the ol tag then you must insert it
  22. Mimika

    free music

    hehe add this to your bgsound tagloop="-1" that will make the music repeat it self for all etarnity :)but for <embed> i cant help
  23. well i dunno really. but it might be an atribute like that.But I dont use list tags at all now days. just divs and tables.
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