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  1. here you go <div align="center"><li>1</li><li>2</li><li>3</li><li>4</li></div>
  2. Full name: Johan LundAlternative name(s): MimikaBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 04/04/1986Gender: MaleCountry of residance: SwedenCity of residance: ÖrnsköldsvikHeight: 184.7 cmWeight: 82 kilogramsEyes: blueHair: blondSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No/No/NoFavourite Music: Hard Rock , J-rock/pop, Anime sound tracks and MetalFavourite Movies: there is just to many Interest: Computers , PC Games , Anime/Manga , webb developingPets: 3 dogsAdditional comments: Otaku for life
  3. I know about all that, but there are lots of pages that allows other ppl to us and download, from companys to ppl who makes them for a hobby and give them out for free.I could post some links but i have lost them when my hdd burned a month ago I just suggested Midi files cause they are smaller then MP3's and wave formats they will only take time to load and thouse are very protected by the copy right law's, but if you are lucky, you might find a person/company who allows you to take them for free but thats not likely
  4. well some knows but are lazy to install other browser's.
  5. Mimika

    Firefox bug,

    lol never thought i would find a person that visits 4chan here hahha :)but i have never got that problem
  6. Framesets and Iframe has almost the same features, but framesets makes havok in search engiens and loads slower cause there are a page to load in each frame.Iframes cant be viewed in older browsers.so if you want a frame use iframe even if not all browsers can see it.and when you use iframe add this code allowtransparency="true" that will make the iframe 100% transparant.but for semi transparant filter:alpha(opacity=50); I never used it my self. so i cant tell the result
  7. I will surly look at that page alittle now and then when you got the tut's done Skemcin
  8. I would take away all the font codes and add it to the style <style>table.foo {font size:15px}tr {color: #FFFFFF;font-family: Century Gothic;}</style> not a big fan of font code seens i learend CSS :)just a hint to resize the code you use ^^
  9. heheeh. I can give your friend a suggestion :)he should google for free Midi files cause they are small and are easy to load and sounds cool
  10. I would really love to have a tutorial for ColdFusion here. So i can expand my knowlege a bit more
  11. Well sorry i dont know any site that allows it. LOL.................I i would possible make my own forum. Cause then i know what it allows
  12. well i just can think about 4 things for this to accur.1. Your sound drivers might have got damaged or are out of date if the sound have changed format.2. Some code that should not be there.3. The file might have another map its in or are gone by delete.4. If the forum are runing from a host company they might have changed standards to not allow sound files.there is not 100% that these are the correct answer cause i dont know how your comp works
  13. there is no order about makeing a background just make sure that you dont break's any copy right laws.
  14. the CSS code should look like this to be able to work properly body.div{border: 1px red solid;}div{border: 1px blue solid;}
  15. I thought you ment to all costumers who you allready had for your company :S*well register your site to google and other search motors*
  16. well you can phone them or just send regular posts.
  17. Mimika

    My site

    Anime movies in flash owns cause of the vector I will look more into your page later when i am not at work
  18. Mimika

    I am pissed

    oki its friday the 13 just strange cause it worked for me. but didnt it creat a block with a scroll bar in it and the top menu are allwas on top.?i did it like that to get passed the img failors same to you
  19. Mimika

    I am pissed

    mmh this then ? div.Main { height: 535px; width: 100%; overflow: Auto;} add the code belllow under the <h3><b><i><u>References</u></i></b></h3> tags. right before the table tag <div class="Main" >[table in here]</div> </table>[div ending tag here]</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="imf_contactus.asp"><font size="2" color="Black"><b>Contact Imfuduko</b></font></a> today to discuss with us your next African safari.</td></tr><tr><td align="center" colspan="2"><a href="default.asp" target="_parent"><img src="images/button_home.gif" width="66" height="30" alt="" border="0"></a></td></tr></table></body></html>-----------------------------Red are the ending of the table just put the </div> where the green text are. then this should work. I for got to post the "overflow: Auto;" it will allow scrolling in the div tag i used your source code and this metod did work :)this is the last thing i can think of to solve the problem if it thouse not work, then i will wave a white flag to this problem
  20. he are changing the css code after the one i gave earlyer but it didnt work either, eveonto it worked for me. the problem are when he adds background-repeat: no-repeat it should just be 1 img but there dont show the img instead just white backgroundbtw buti look at your first topic about this :)think i solved the little bug
  21. Mimika

    I am pissed

    if you add height the whole image in the source code that will change the size, not just the bottom. the easyest way if the css are not working like now, that i think is odd the only way now and fastest are to go into photoshop and add more height from there lets say700-1200 more in height if its possible then this problem are solved until your pages size catches up to it.or its to create a <div class="Main" align="center">[put in table in here]</div> .Main {height: 650px;width: 500px;text-decoration: none;padding-right: 20px;padding-left: 20px; } hope it works now and i suggest that you make a copy of the page if it gets cracked up its friday the 13 today
  22. Mimika

    I am pissed

    try this i dont know if it would work but background-repeat: repeat-x;background-rcolor: #¤¤¤¤¤¤; try to find the hex value of the color at the bottom of the image
  23. mmh I still cant figure out an solution to the problem to your site
  24. he was refering to this http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1615
  25. Mimika

    I am pissed

    I will try too look into it
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