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Bad Permalinks adding characters


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Can anybody help me on this issue? It's very important to my site.

Some (although not all) of my permalinks won't work. Some work perfectly and some are having variants of this "%20%E2%80%8E" added to the end of them, which obviously is giving me the 404 message.

I've tried deactivating plug ins but had no difference and obviously as some work, it is unlikely to be that. I have also checked for hidden characters but cannot seem to find any.

Can anybody think of a viable reason/solution for this error?

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That sequence corresponds to " „", which is a 3-byte UTF-8 character being shown as individual bytes. It sounds like the code might not be handling UTF-8 characters correctly. I think the character it is trying to display is „ which might have been pasted in from Word or something like that. You can either find the problem in the code and fix that, or replace those characters with regular ASCII characters.

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