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centered screen without using absolute positioning


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So basically, Im trying to put a video file of variable size, both width and height, smack dab center of a page.

The current code I have is










however, I have some other content at the top of the screen that might be potentially blocked by this approach.Is there any other method to center a video file without restricting its width/height, but at the same time force it to not infringe upon

the space of other elements?

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This does not give as match to work with?


1) what does .vid relate to? <video> tag using position absolute top:0 yada yada yada would stretch to first parent element using position: relative, else browser window. SO is this a full screen video display.

2) you could just use z-index with 0 value to place it behind the content using position: relative; with z-index: level higher.

3) other option is look up highslide, which give you jquery pop ups to show images, videos, html.

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