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HTML / CSS stylesheet


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I am new to coding and I am facing a problem creating an external style sheet.

I have a folder named "CINO", here I ave all my .html files

In this folder there is a folder, named "CSS". Here inside thereis the style.css file.


the coding goes like this, but in the browser there is no sign of a change. Could anyone help me to understand where I am overlooking a mistake?


 <!DOCTYPE html>

           <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/style.css" >

                <a href="About.html">About</a>
                <a href="Work.html">Work</a>
                <a href="Contact.html">Contact</a>
                <a href="Lab.html">Lab</a>



visual strategies


///// CSS File

    body {

        font-family: Helvetica;
        line-height: 1.5;

        background-color: #d94958;
        color: #d99f01;
         margin: 40px auto 40px auto;
        width: 620px;

    h1 {
     font-size: 24px;
     font-weight: 700;


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