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  1. small change.... add "mailto:" to the radio button value.....<form id="theForm" action="mailto:person1@domain.com" method="post"><input type="radio" name="email" value="mailto:person1@domain.com" selected="selected" onclick="changeEmail(this)"/> person1<br/><input type="radio" name="email" value="mailto:person2@domain.com" onclick="changeEmail(this)"/> person2</form>
  2. What error you are getting? if its something related to DB insert. try to echo the SQL query to check its correct....
  3. pulpfiction

    ASP / PHP

    ASP is also a server side scripting language like PHP.....Some articles which discuss the pros and cons of ASP and PHP..http://marty.anstey.ca/programming/php/articles/http://www.webpronews.com/expertarticles/2...2/22/asp-vs-php
  4. It must be a JavaScript error. are you having an external javascript file and included in the page? check for errors in that .js file.
  5. Most likely its not the database which is stripping the initial zeros. atleast if the datatype of the field is integer it might strip the leading zeros but since you mentioned the datatype is varchar it will not remove leading zeros. check the Java code, also print out the data/query that is sent to the database....
  6. Not sure if you can do that in SQL. You must do that restriction with application...
  7. MySql or SQLServer is better than MS Access....;cd=1&gl=usMySql and ASP connection..http://www.aspdev.org/articles/asp-mysql-connect/
  8. It also says boen_robot is the topic starter..... can we delete our own post completly??
  9. MD5 is a one-way hash algorithm. so you cannot retrive the password. One way to handle this is to reset the password [some random temporary password] and send it to user and update database with hashed new password...here's a site which reverses the md5 BUT method is by using several MD5 databases to look up an MD5 hash and return its original counterpart.http://md5.benramsey.com/
  10. Sorry dont know the solution, by the process you mentioned, is this some kinda game... FLAMES its called right??
  11. Are you looking for something like this...http://www.linkstraffic.net/programming/ja...ipt/movediv.php
  12. pulpfiction


    If this is exactly how your code is, then you are missing a double quotes at the end of onmouseout event function call.... normally it onclick should not affect the other 2 events....<img name="home" width="150px" height="50px" src="Graphics/home1.gif" onmouseOver="mouseOver('home')" onmouseOut="mouseOut('home')" onclick="redirect()">
  13. Try this......<script>DrawRow("Images/menuback.jpg")</script>\ is escape character in JShttp://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/javascri...cle.php/3470891
  14. pulpfiction


    Try something like this..... <script language="JavaScript">function redirect() {var browserName=navigator.appName; if (browserName=="Netscape"){ window.location = "URL for Netscape or FF";}else if (browserName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer") {window.location = "URL for IE"; }}</SCRIPT></head><body><input type="button" value="Click Me" onclick="java script:redirect();"/>.......
  15. The code you posted sends mail, you can put it anywhere in the page and it will send mail. but if you want to do something like create a form and let the user fill in the message and their email and you want that message to be emailed to you, then it will be different. what is that you want to do? Its different in ASP.NET 1.1....http://www.developer.com/net/asp/article.php/3096831
  16. pulpfiction

    CSS Width in IE

    One way to make the text not overflow is by padding.....Modify you CSS...#content { top: 200px; position: relative; left: 25px; color: #000000; width: 450px; height: 565px; padding-bottom: 29px; text-align: justify; padding: 10px; /*padding-left: 10px;*/ background: url(back.jpg); }
  17. Similar problem....http://forums.devarticles.com/javascript-d...6-40t-8055.htmlhere's a discussion about floatingp oint number, [tried to understand, but couldnt] but might help you.http://www.merlyn.demon.co.uk/pas-real.htm#Float
  18. Yeah, \n works for me too. but this site below says something about \r\n......http://www.rgagnon.com/jsdetails/js-0001.html
  19. Try \r\n\n for New Line and \r for Return. Use both to work in IE.reason="title:"+\r\n+"paragraph"
  20. pulpfiction

    sql question

    Not the website.... what serverside scripting language are you using [php, ASP...... ??] post the code from the file. guessing it should be Index.asp or Index.php... something like that.
  21. Customized alert message...http://slayeroffice.com/code/custom_alert/
  22. pulpfiction

    sql question

    Post your SQL query, should be something with syntax......
  23. Try this... SELECT Type, COUNT(*) AS CountFROM Tbl_Name GROUP BY Type
  24. Code below shows a simple demo..... <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function over() {alert("Onmouseover function working");}function out() {alert("Onmouseout function working");}</script></head><body><a href="#" onmouseover="java script:over();" onmouseout="java script:out();">Click here</a><!-- Calling javascript function defined in head/script section above --></body></html> More info.....Onmouseover: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_onmouseover.aspOnmouseout: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_onmouseout.asp
  25. Try this.....http://www.mioplanet.com/rsc/embed_mediaplayer.htmHTH
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