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  1. So, it looks like you are trying to just include the swf? If you are trying to make it dynamically with script, you will need to echo out javascript to run the AC_FL_RunContent() function for every swf you want to show.
  2. Yes, you need to set the correct MIME type though. I do believe it's something like html/text.
  3. It didn't shatter the encoding, I guess the BOM is considered output or something, so it acts like a sort of echo and if you try to send any headers after that it wont let you. I'm just glad it's all fixed .
  4. Well unless you want to do a whole bunch of explode()'s, follow rswildy's post.
  5. Ah, I figured it out! You don't save it as utf-8, you have to save it as utf-8 without BOM. You can do this in notepad++ by going to the format menu, tick ascii, and then utf-8 without BOM, and save. Also you need to set the content-type header as UTF-8.
  6. Erm, thats a client side command. Try reading the RFC first. That always helps a bit considering it has all of the commands -.-.
  7. Hmm, I changed all of the .php files to UTF-8 and absolutely nothing happend -.-, I don't know exactly what to do now. I'll try adding headers and such.
  8. Yeah, I was reading it and realized context is being sold, so I just donated 25 pounds for the cause. Been reading that for a bit, now I'll update all of the files!
  9. Ah, um, what editor should I switch to? I still want highlighting and such, but I need to be able to have it save files automatically as utf-8.
  10. All of the files? Then I might have to switch editors for a bit, I'm cool by that though.
  11. I can use .htaccess, whats the code for the workaround?
  12. It's supposed to be backend, and when I saved the files as utf-8 it must send output the browser so I can't edit headers anymore. -.- I'll change it back to bulgarian so you can see it.
  13. *sigh* Ok, to be able to view a font in a certain encoding, the font has to be in that encoding. Character encoding goes with font.
  14. You may not have the utf-8 version of the font you are using. That's my guess at least.
  15. That's a damn good question, I'm using context. I'll try saving the locale as UTF-8 .
  16. Tokenize the string, check for !msg, then do array_shift($tokens); and implode the rest for what to say.
  17. Ok, I have these two for all files now: mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8');iconv_set_encoding('output_encoding', 'UTF-8'); And, it still doesn't work. And that's what I was thinking about UTF-8, got me all confused .
  18. Hmm, I changed it to iso-8859-1 and nothing happened. If utf-8 only has single byte characters then which one has double, or whatever it is? I swear that ascii had single byte and uft-8 had everything under the sun.
  19. Doesn't utf-8 have all characters? Or is that just for certain fonts?
  20. I'm guessing its because both the div and link have the id of botoa1, try changing the links id.
  21. Well, I'm making a chat and I have locales (language files), so a friend and I made a spanish one, but when the characters are put directly into the HTML they come out as the "unknown character" symbol (diamond with a question mark in it). What do I have to do to fix this? The content type is set as text/html, charset=UTF-8, so I don't know what to do.Thanks!By the way, to see an example of it visit http://rsbattlehelp.com/beta_lace/.
  22. I see no fgets() or fread(), also $status is not set anywhere in that script, Maybe that could be the issue?
  23. Well, if you start working on group projects and such it starts to matter a whole lot. Normally people advocate against capitals in coding standards, but I guess it's just a choice. Lets try not to get too off topic eh?
  24. Hi, I'm guessing you're from the swiftirc network, correct? I was on there for quite a while, seems like every person who knew anything about programming had their own bot.Anyways, you need to have the text for $ipS in quotes so it is identified as a string, plus you don't have the irc sub domain so it won't connect to irc anyways. That is what I have noticed, so get $ipS fixed up and it should be good to go!
  25. You may want to add a time field, and I wouldn't recommend capital letters in anything rswildy, unless you are doing everything like that.But yeah, rswildy has the idea for the most part, and you would just select comments where newsid == (news table) id.
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