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  1. in the ASP code, try using name="Video[<%=i+1%>]" so then the code printed will be name="Video[1]" if i is 0. then you can treat $_POST['Video'] like an array.
  2. well, all my library has for computer books is stuff about MSDOS or maybe one about Windows 95, and a few on surfing the internet. I live in a tiny town and have to drive to the next one (about ten miles) to go there anyway.
  3. unless you have one of the worst libraries in the world, like me.
  4. like the google toolbar, i think is what he means.
  5. I don't think that's the same thing. in the book, it talks about how you use it, and it translates the code in you XHTML file, into some sort of HTML and Javascript combination, I think. that could be it though.
  6. hey, guys. I have a pretty old XHTML book (Beginning XHTML, Wrox press), and in it, it says the X is for extendable, like XML. it says that XHTML is extendable because of mozquito. it provides a website (mozquito.org, I think), but it isn't up anymore. has anyone else heard of this or know hat happened to it?thanks
  7. is there any big difference between that and XP home or Professional?
  8. well, I thought CSS suported // too. ok, I'm wrong. sorry. Mods, you can close this if you want.
  9. Hey, guys. I just noticed, IE doesn't support double slash (//) comments. Has anyone else noticed this, and is that really considered a comment in css?
  10. if you wanted to build your own browser in php, that saves it to an image with the GDlibrary, you could do that. you could call it FirePix!
  11. I'm not really reading any right now, but I do refer back to PHP 5 for Dummies, and Beginning XHTML.
  12. can't you just add more adresses in the to field separated by semicolons (?
  13. PHP for dummies was pretty good, the other "Dummies" books are probably good too.
  14. hey, try going to the gabbly.com homepage. I dont know why, but for some reason that did it for me. I'm Identified as IE, instead of masked, too. it works fine!
  15. do you use an ftp client? if so, you could probably just set the permissions on the folder to whatever you need. I'm not sure what permissions are what, so you might want to read up on that.
  16. there are a few replacing of the context menu JS scripts on the internet, like this one (too bad, only supports IE and netscape), but I don't think you can add a value.
  17. is the content a fixed width? if it is, make yourself an image that is one pixel tall, and as wide as it needs to be by cutting of the top 1px of that image, copying it, and putting it at either side of the image. then fill the middle with a different color.ex: -----------------------------------------------------------set it as the background, and it will repeat downwards (and sideways too if it's not wide enough).
  18. a good way to learn how to do things is by example. here is a (very simple) open-source browser based game: http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com/page.php?ID=16
  19. Little Goat


    actually, php can be run on the command line too.
  20. Little Goat


    yeah, I thought so.
  21. Little Goat


    that isn't what he meant, I don't think. this is: you're right, cronthenoob, it isn't worth the money.
  22. Little Goat


    havent they already done that?
  23. http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&...-8&oe=utf-8google is your friend.
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