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  1. Why am I not surprised...I still live at home, so I am spared the evils of dorm life (and in turn, presented with a different evil: a 1 hour commute).
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition.Yes it's unconventional, and yes it's expensive, but it is awesome for doing ASP.Net development
  3. Ok, well, why not:My name is Matthew Schultz, I am the web designer, developer, engineer, artist, manager, owner, and everything else at Abstract Approach Digital Solutions, which is my little one-man band...err company. I specialize in ASP.Net, especially MSSQL, XML, and C#. I know most (certainly not all, just most of the really important ones) everything else, at least in some part (the last time I made a list, it was too long to post). I've been coding for about 9 years (which is odd considering I'm 18..and also explains why I'm familiar with so many languages/standards), one year of which
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